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About Us

Caregiver is reading some book to the old patientWe, at Tender Hearts Quality Care Services LLC, give everything we’ve got when providing care services to our clients and their families. We want you to have the most wonderful experience at home, receiving care from our dedicated and highly trained home and health care professionals. It is our duty to make your lives as easy, safe, and comfortable as it can possibly be.

We focus mainly on finding the most efficient ways to satisfy the specific needs of each of our clients at home. We provide quality care assistance to those who are recovering from an illness, managing the challenges of old age, and dealing with the difficulties of their disabilities. Being close to one’s family as they go through these life situations is definitely something that would aid in the recovery process. You and your loved ones would be able to move forward and carry on with life with our help.

In everything we do, we make sure to preserve your dignity, give you solace, and help you regain your independence. We will keep you safe and help you find the happiness you deserve. Let our knowledge and expertise in home and health care greatly improve your quality of life. Choose us to assist you on your journey to recovery today. All you have to do is give us a call at 313-790-6835.