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Meet our Staff

Caregiver is checking the vital signs of the old ladyOur staff of dedicated and highly trained home and health care professionals at Tender Hearts Quality Care Services LLC focus on providing you with quality non-medical and home health care services that improve your life and your family’s lives at home. They understand how important it is to serve our clients with compassion, integrity, and respect. It is their goal to give you an easier life at home despite the health challenges you may be facing and the difficulties you encounter in your recovery journey. Our staff are always willing to offer emotional support to you and the rest of your family during these trying times.

The professionals we employ are people you can talk to and share your thoughts with. They know how important it is for you to get everything out of your chest. Our staff can give you meaningful answers to questions concerning your health challenges that are plaguing your mind. They help provide you peace and solace regarding this matter.

Don’t hesitate to meet and talk with our staff today. They will help you realize that you have nothing to worry about in the least. They will give you the appropriate explanations and address any concerns you may have on non-medical and home health care services. Go ahead and see for yourself how competent and compassionate our team of professionals are. Call us at 313-790-6835 and arrange for a meet-up at your most convenient time.